Copy/Fake V7 radar detector appear in the market

Recently there are some copy/fake V7 radar detector in the market, seriously damaged the interests of users and dealers. The main behave is using cheap price to attract customers, send copy working product as samples, then mixed fake products when bulk order. Fake products can’t detect the radar signal, only fixed time interval alarm through adjust firmware. The truth please refers to follow video and users comments:


In order to avoid more people are swindled, there are some comparisons to help us to distinguish fake devices and our genuine products.

1. Housing compare 

Front is almost same except copy unit put on a bat mark, there is a big different in rear. They must make some different with our device, or we can accuse them because we design it first and we have the design patent (Attach 1)

2. Radar PCB compare

3. Voice PCB compare

Customer's comment: 

From the pictures it looks like your product is better quality.The samples we have i looks cheaper and seems to have less components

4. Package compare

After comparing we found the package is almost same only except packing box and user manual is a little different.

5. User comments compare

1. Our devcie V7/V8/V9/E8 is same onlt except different housing
2. Comment 2 is from a UK client, and the speed camera is trigger by radar 
so the device is also can detect the speed camera in UK. 

6. Attach 1