Company capability


LUTU is located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the largest electronics manufacturing base in China.

Industrial Design
In order to design a good looking product, easy to use and market-popular, we do our best on the industrial design. First, we will do a market-analysis survey and then capture the momenta and invaluable brain-storming idea, which will be translated into the paper. According to ergonomics, our designer will modify it to its perfection. The next step is to bulid the mould by means of 3DS or Rhinoceros and endow it with materials, with continuing modification until we pass the tough inspection. This is just the beginning of one product. We will never give up seeking pefection.

Structure Design
When receiving exquisite design sketch,we will speak highly of our deginer’s creativity. We will put the sketch into the structure design software and begin the professional and precise structure design. Besides good-looking and easy to use,we take more consideration on the production and assembly. Quality is the basic requirement. Without it, everything will just be nothing.

Hardware development
We have always been looking for the most creative and historic solution. With large numbers of
experienced R&D team, they spare no efforts to make the product to its best. We also seek the best function and stability through continuing thinking, trying, checking and optimizing. Hardware is the base of a electronic product, which provides the platform for system and software to stabilize the low power consumption. Every step of designing needs to be really careful.

Graphical User Interface
Based on the product's market demand and user's habit, GUI design team will make a survey in order to make our GUI more acceptable and effective. And simpler.While designing, analyzing, drawing, imitating and modifying, we always put user's needs first.

OS Development
Our R&D team are dedicated to pvovide users software platform with fully functions and excellent performance. In order to seek for a better user experience, we put every efforts with innovation and strictness in the whole software life cycle, like planning, analyzing, designing, encoding, and testing etc.


With one automatic production line ,three assembly production lines, one packaging assembly line and two advanced testing lines, our daily output for Radar detecor  terminals reaches up to 2000 pieces.

Testing includes the code’s white/ black box testing, the structural testing, housing testing, functional testing, performance testing and environmental testing. Only passed all kinds of testing,the products can be mass production. We shall make sure that the products which we manufactured not only meet the customers requirement on functions and performances, but also need to adapt to the consumers' using environment in all over the world, even in very complicated environment.